Another Year Another Ostfeld Winter Memorial Competition!
Posted: 12/20/2018 | Photo | Results

Another Year Another Ostfeld Winter Memorial Competition!

This past Sunday we had another exciting installment of our Ostfeld Memorial tournaments. 


The section one winner was ICA student Michael Vern who scored perfectly with four wins. In second place was ICA student Reece Goyal with three-and-a-half points. Remy Ayling finished third with three-and-a-half points as well.

The section two winner, was ICA student Christian Barravecchio who also scored perfectly with four wins. Second place was Naveen Saggar, and in third was ICA student Elizabeth Soldatenkov.

The section three winner was ICA student Logan Yoon who won all four games. ICA students Adar Turapov, and Jacob Pollard finished in second and third with three-and-a-half points each.

Section four was dominated by all girls as ICA students Jennifer Xue, and Ria Vij tied for first place with three-and-a-half points. ICA student Elizabeth Tatishev finished third with three points.

The Section five winners were Sumanta Das, and ICA student Calvin Du who both scored three out of four wins. Ethan Lu finished third with two-and-a-half points.

U1600 Open

ICA student Aaron Shefter claimed first place with four wins out of four games played. Daniel Slavin was second with three-and-a-half points out of four, and ICA student Grant Goldman was third with two-and-a-half points.


Three people tied for first place in the Open section with two being ICA coaches. Yefim Treger shared first with ICA coaches Gregory Markzon, and Igor Yeliseyev who all scored three-and-a-half points.