ICA Spring Camp 2019: It Rained Today!
Posted: 4/16/2019 | Updated: 4/16/2019 | Photo

Monday in Glen Rock


Spring camp started off with a bang!  Much thunder and lightening were heard all night.  Although the forecast was for clear skies, we still had multiple rain showers that left us unable to go out for sports.  The groups did well. 

In Chris’s group Albert and Alexander tied for first place.  In Nick’s group, Geoffrey took the top honors.  Danilo’s group saw Eitan taking the top spot and in Noreen’s group Ariane just edged out Conor.

In our blitz tournament, Alex took the top spot followed by Albert and Michael V.  In the Monday tournament, Geoffrey took the top honors.  The art and music prizes are still up for grabs!  

Day One Winners: Geoffrey, Michael, Alex and Albert