ICA Spring Camp 2019: Final Day Friday!
Posted: 4/20/2019 | Photo


ICA Spring Camp 2019: Final Day Friday!


Friday in Glen Rock

Again, we had overcast skies, but we ventured out for our morning workout.  The campers enjoyed slightly longer than usual chess lessons before snack break.

First, the best student prizes – in Chris’s group Albert took the top honors followed closely by Robert.  Nick’s group saw Geoffrey receiving the top honors.  The first prize in Slava’s group went to Rudy.  The art prize went to Eitan. The dodgeball prize again went to Albert for a fantastic combination and Conor for his great athletic ability.   Cooper got a prize having the best notation.  Raymond and Simon got special prizes for best effort of the day.

It was a very special day because we had music again.  Cooper won a prize for his prowess on the piano.

Kudos to our hard working staff: Chris, Nick, Slava, Paul, Noreen and Diana!