ICA Academy Is Hosting 1st Ever ChessKidGames!
Posted: 5/30/2019

ICA is extremely excited to announce that Academy 
is hosting 1st ever ChessKidGames
The first round of the Games will take place this 
Saturday, June 1st from 11 AM to 3 PM at our Teaneck location!

1st ever ChessKidGames!

Ten of the most talented juniors and ten more child prodigies all over the world (including Australia, Sweden, Argentina, Netherlands, others) will compete in three different disciplines.


This is truly a team event, and all three rounds will combine for a final team total:

                  The first round, Hand and Brain, is a 3 match swiss with time control 5+5 between 10 teams. The alumni will be the "Brain" (announce which piece to move) and the ChessKid will be the "Hand" (moving the piece). Each win in Hand and Brain is worth 4 points and each draw is worth 2 points.

                  There will be a 2 Blitz round-robins. CONIC alumni will play one round-robin among themselves on ChessKid.com with time control of 5+1. ChessKids will play a twin round-robin amongst themselves on ChessKid.com with time control of 5+1. Wins in blitz are worth 1 point and draws are worth 1/2.

                  There will also be Twin Puzzle Duel round robins. CONIC alumni will all play each other and ChessKid will also all play one another. Each individual battle will be worth 1 point (so a "perfect" score would be nine points for either team member).


ICA is proud to announce that one of our student Alexander Wang (2007) was selected for the ChessKidGames based on both ChessKid activity in "Fast Chess" and his outstanding results.


Alexander Wang just turned 9 years old, but already has an impressive list of achievements:

 -  Top 10 at The World Cadet Chess Championships 2018, was held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in November 2018 (with 8 out of 10 points).

 - Top 10 at age 9

 - 15th place (4 out of 6 points) at the 75th US Amateur East 2019 in Open Section lifting his rating up to 2007!

Alexander chosen his partner Hans Neimann (2550) - 15-year-old International Master residing in Weston, Connecticut. Member of the United States Junior Olympic team, All-American Team, and National champion in blitz.

ICA wishes the best of luck to Alexander and Hans this Saturday!

ICA wishes the best of luck to Alexander and Hans this Saturday!