Iyer Family Fun!

Posted: 10/22/2019 | Updated: 10/22/2019 | Results

Iyer Family Fun! 
Akshat, Ayush and Aneesh Iyer win the FIRST ICA Family Prize of the Year!   
Joel and Aidan and Anderson and AJ tie for 2nd & 3rd!

Akshat Iyer finished with 3.5/4.0 in the Under 1600 section, tying for first place.  His brother Ayush had three wins in section 5 for a total of 6.5 out of a possible 8 points.  Youngest brother Aneesh finished with 2.5 in section 4.  The Iyers win free entry into the next Ostfeld Memorial tournament AND free entry into any Super Saturday Quads in Glen Rock.  

The two families that tied for second place right behind the Iyer clan were the Benjamin family (GM Joel and Aidan), and the Schafer family (AJ and Anderson).  Both families scored 6 out of a possible 8 points and will receive free entry into the next Ostfeld Memorial tournament.

Thirty two families competed in the October 6th Ostfeld Memorial Family competition.
Our next Ostfeld Memorial Tournament is scheduled for December 8th in Bergen County Academies in Hackensack.

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