Super Saturday June 6Th
Posted: 6/7/2020 | Updated: 6/7/2020 | Results

Firstly, thank you to all participants for your increased punctuality and coordination. This tournament was the smoothest one we have had yet! All sections were started by 1:50 PM, we ask that you please try to be online by 12:50 PM to confirm everything is done! Once you are in the club and tournament you are free to show up as late as 1:25. (there are still some people that are delaying our tournament!)


Some notable achievements from this week's tournament:


-         Congratulations to our girls Yassamin and Sophie for dominating our top 2 sections!


-         Congratulations to our perfect score players: Graham Mccarthy, Anderson Schafer, and Sophie Rasol!


-         A noteworthy achievement - brothers Benjamin and Ethan Murkis both crushed their sections also with perfect scores!


Our Game of the week goes to: Serena vs Sophie