Super Saturday June 13Th
Posted: 6/14/2020 | Results




Firstly, a big thank you for the participants' patience as we waited for's website maintenance to conclude. Although there was no way for us to foresee or control it, we apologize for the time wasted! Thankfully, we were still able to run a full tournament. Some notable highlights below:


Congratulations to Ethan, Claire, Aiden, Daniel, Kirill, Travis, Sophia, and Dhruva as our prizewinners for the week!


A special achievement to Sophia for being the ONLY perfect score in the entire tournament!


Congratulations to Dhruva for his first ever tournament win with ICA! As the lowest officially rated player in his quad, he won clear first with 2.5 points!


A very notable achievement again goes to Aiden Kennedy, who has participated in every quad so far and placed first EVERY time. Even against increasingly difficult competition, he continues to dominate his tournaments! Well done Aiden!


Our game of the week goes to Pranav vs Claire, you can see the game here PranavvsClaire .