Super Saturday June 20Th
Posted: 6/22/2020 | Updated: 6/22/2020 | Results


June 20Th


Thank you to all participants for being on time and compliance with procedures we've laid out. Our tournament ran very smoothly and all but one section started on time!


Notable highlights from this tournament:


·         Congratulations to our prizewinners: Gary, Claire, Mete, Phineas, Ben, Peter, Elizabeth, Ari, Sophia, Mark, and Roman!


·         Special recognition to our perfect scorers Peter, Elizabeth, Ari, Mark, and Roman!


·         A warm welcome and huge congratulations to Roman Paulter who played his first ever tournament, and won with a perfect score! Well done!


·         A strong feat from the Cheng sisters Sophia and Claire for back-to-back victories in their respective quads!


·         Our game of the week goes to Ben Murkis for this tactical masterpiece. You can see the game here: BenvsPhineas


One final note: USCF has introduced a new rating system specifically for online slow games! We will be attempting to rate our events using this method moving forward! You can see the announcement from USCF here: