June 27, 2020 Report
Posted: 6/30/2020 | Updated: 6/30/2020 | Results

June 27 Report


Possibly as a result of the smaller turnout but more likely the fact that everybody was showing up on time and following all procedures, for the first time the tournament started exactly on time with no issues at 1:30! Thank you for bearing with the process as we hammered out the details. We have a functional system that, if followed, can provide a good tournament experience! Thank you all for helping make everything run smoothly.


·        Congratulations to our winners Phineas, Murugan, Kashyap, and Andrew for winning their respective sections!

·        Special recognition to Phineas and Kashyap for their perfect scores in the tournament!

·        Our game of the week goes to Kashyap and Mark, you can see the game below!


**Unfortunately, due to suspicious conduct, section 1's results are currently under review/investigation. We have chosen to leave them out of the crosstable/report for the moment until we can verify the integrity of the section. We will be releasing results as soon as possible for Section 1!**