July 25Th Report
Posted: 7/27/2020 | Updated: 7/29/2020 | Results

July 25 Quads Report 

Greetings players and parents. Although following international chess day we had a smaller turnout this time around, we had a 32-person tournament and a number of new faces participating! For those new players, welcome! We hope you enjoyed the experience and will come back to play again.


Some notable highlights/winners:


ü Congratulations to our winners!

o   Section 1 - David Z (Perfect score!)

o   Section 2 - Matthew/Pranav

o   Section 3 - Jack/Robert

o   Section 4 - Aiden/David M

o   Section 5 - Arjun (Perfect score!)

o   Section 6 - Ankush (Perfect score!)

o   Section 7 - James (Perfect score!)

o   Section 8 - Dylan (Perfect score!)


ü A special shout-out to Arjun for his back-to-back tournament victories!

ü A strong commendation to Matthew Deamer for his continued excellence! Even against increasingly difficult sections, he continues to improve and win! Today marks his 3rd consecutive first place even as a massive underdog in his section (300 rating points below the quad average!)

ü A welcome to our first-timers online: Max Farberov, Benjamin Katz, Max Liu, Adrian Noh, and Hovannes Patlan!

ü Our Game of the Week goes to Aiden Kennedy for his rather ambitious attack. You can see his skill pay off through his technique! Link to the game here: AidenGOTW

ü As always, thank you to all participants, we hope to see you again in the future!