Agust 15Th Report

Posted: 8/16/2020 | Updated: 8/22/2020 | Results

August 15th Quads Report

Greetings, and thank you to all players for bringing in the new month with some chess! With 26 players this week, here are some highlights from the tournament:

ü Congratulations to our winners!

o   Section 1 – Yassamin (Perfect score!)

o   Section 2 – Albert (Perfect score!)

o   Section 3 – Jennifer (Perfect score!)

o   Section 4 – Murugan (Perfect score!)

o   Section 5 - Sophia

o   Section 6 – Mark (Perfect score!)

o   Section 7 – Dhruva and Daniel

Some Highlights from the tournament:

ü A warm welcome to our newcomers! Michael, Daniel, Armaan, and Sophia all played with us for the first time today!

ü Congratulations to Sophia for winning the section on her first appearance!

ü Commendation is for Albert, Jennifer, Mark, and Dhruva for 2 consecutive tournament wins! Best of luck in continuing your streaks!

ü  Once again, the girls were unstoppable this week. In each section, the girls took the top places!

ü  Our game of the week goes to Yassamin. You can see the game here! YassiGOTW