October 17Th Report

Posted: 10/20/2020 | Updated: 10/20/2020 | Results

October 17th, 2020 Quads Report

Thank you to all participants for playing! With a total of 7 sections and 30 players, here are some highlights from the event:

Congratulations to our winners!

Section 1 – David Z (Perfect Score!)

Section 2 – Ashwin & Albert S (tie for 1st place)

Section 3 - Geoffrey (Perfect Score!)

Section 4 – Ari & Arthur ((tie for 1st place)

Section 5 – Mark (Perfect Score!)

Section 6 – Surbhi (1st place); Trevor & Daniel (tie for 2nd place)

Section 7 – Aarav G (Perfect Score!)

Some Highlights from the tournament:

ü  A warm welcome to all our new online players. Arthur, Albert, Ashwin, and Matthew all played their first online quad with us today!

ü  Well done to Geoffrey for winning two consecutive tournaments. He is now on a 2x winning streak!

ü  A new record set for ICA by David. He now holds the longest consecutive streak for first place finishes. With 4 tournament wins in a row, David is currently unstoppable!

ü  A satisfying finish for Surbhi. After many classes and a whole summer camp's worth of study, she can take home her first online victory! Well done on your hard work and improvement!

ü  Our game of the week goes to Ashwin. His calm and logical thought process culminates in a crushing tactical attack. You can see the game here! AshwinGOTW


2020 October 17th report and results

Once again thank you to all participants! We appreciate both your passion for chess as well as your conduct as a participant.