October 31St Report

Posted: 11/2/2020 | Results

October 31st, 2020 Quads Report

Greetings to all players and Happy Halloween! We are glad you took time out of the day to play with us and hope the rest of your night was fun! With a lot of new faces, some added holiday prizes, and 34 players, here are some highlights from the tournament!

Congratulations to our winners!

Section 1 – David Z

Section 2 – Nicholas F

Section 3 – Aarnav & Aaryaman (tied for 1st place)

Section 4 – Arjun (Perfect Score!)

Section 5 – Daniel C (Perfect Score!)

Section 6 – Anderson

Section 7 – Joey (1st place); Leon & Andrew (tied for 2nd place)

Section 8 – Dante (Perfect Score!)

Some Highlights from the tournament:

ü  Welcome to our new competitors. Amitai, David S, Leonardo, Christian, Ted and Zachary all played their first ICA online tournament today! We hope to see you again soon!

ü  Congratulations once again to David Zhurbinsky for continuing the longest winning streak to date! With this victory he is on a FIVE-time consecutive streak!

ü  A strong upset showing for Nicholas Ferrone! He takes clear first as the lowest rated player in his section! Well played and well done on your improvement, we're happy to see it's paying off!

ü  Few tricky little goblins decided to take up the challenge of playing the Halloween Gambit! Only one player was able to WIN a game with it, however all players will receive something for their festive spirit: Daniel Chapnik (Halloween Gambit Win!), AJ, Ari, Vedanta (all 3 lost )

ü  Our game of the week goes to Ted for his well-coordinated and patient attacking win! TedGOTW

October 31st, 2020 Quads Report

Once again thank you to all participants! We appreciate both your passion for chess as well as your conduct as a participant.