November 21th, 2020 Quads Report

Posted: 11/22/2020 | Updated: 11/22/2020 | Results

November 21st, 2020 Quads Report

Thank you to all participants for playing! We are happy to see the continuing trend of new players coming in. With a bigger tournament today, thank you all for helping things run smoothly! With 9 sections and 38 players, here are the results from this week's event!


Section 1 boasted some very high-level players, including a Candidate Master! Nobody came away winless, but when the dust settled, Dennis Li was the one who came out on top with 2.5 points out of 3! He also receives the Game of the Week for his battle with Gary. This was a game rife with hidden tactics and a very exciting match! You can view it here: DennisGOTW


Section 2, Sergey Nizhegorodtsev dominated with a perfect score! After a long hiatus from USCF rated chess, he comes back with a statement! On his first ever event with us, he claimed the prize all to himself!


Section 3, Audrey Zhao took the section down with a perfect score! She struggled with a tough section last week but bounced back today with a victory!


Section 4 featured our first ever 4-way tie for first! With seemingly stiff competition, Sophia, Geoffrey, Artem, and Showrya split the prizes! A huge congratulations to Artem for performing in his first ever online event with us and congratulations to Sophia for extending her winning streak to 3 consecutive tournaments!


Section 5, Aiden Kennedy returned with strength! The limelaughingmoose trampled his competition taking clear first with a perfect score!


Section 6 showed yet some more new faces at the top of the results sheet! Brayden Sterling playing his first ever event with us and Isaiah Becker, playing his second event, tied for first place, and split the prize! Congratulations to Brayden for winning his first event, and to Isaiah for winning both events he is played thus far!


Section 7 the story stayed the same as the last time he played: Alvin Zhao once again dominated his section with a perfect score! This puts him on a 2 consecutive win streak and a 100%-win rate with perfect scores! As competition stiffens, we're excited to see how you'll rise!


Section 8, Jacob Grinberg took down the section with a perfect score! This is a story of perseverance and improvement! Jacob plays almost every week so we are glad to see that the practice is paying off with results! Well done!


Section 9. After playing his first event with us last week, he appears to have gotten the hang of it! On his second ever tournament, Reyansh Gandhi crushed the section with a perfect score!


In addition to results we also wanted to welcome all our new players: Sergey, Jacob W, Brayden, Daniel B, Joshua, and Artem.  We hope you enjoyed the games and will return to play again soon!



We wanted to personally thank everyone for adjusting to the new two-camera policy so quickly! It was useful for the directors to continuously monitor the situations in the games. We also had some players helping police the rule and enjoying being able to watch their opponent similarly to live events.