December 5th, 2020 Quads Report

Posted: 12/6/2020 | Results

December 5th, 2020 Quads Report

Greetings to all participants and thank you for stimulating one of our biggest online events to date! Although there were a few technical difficulties due to some playing coming late as well as device errors, we hope you at least enjoyed the games played!

Without further ado, here are some highlights from this week's event!


Section 1 one of our new players (and highest rated), Oren, won the section with 2.5 points! Congratulations on winning your first event with us! We hope you enjoyed the games.

Section 2 Claire swept her section with a perfect score! She does not play often but is certainly a fearsome player when she does! Crushing one of her games in just 20 moves, Claire adds yet another trophy to her collection!

Section 3 had a massive tie between three players! Raymond, Pranav, and Michael all ended the tournament with 2 points. Well done to all three on their performances! A special recognition to Michael for topping the section on his first ever online event with us!

Section 4 saw a hard-fought tie between Arnav and Albert. Both ended with 2.5 points. The winners won games against the other competitors but ultimately could not defeat each other! The game came down to a King and Pawn ending where they agreed to a draw.

Section 5 saw the streak continue for Aiden! With this win he is now on a three-tournament winning streak! He was well on track to a perfect score until his last game ended in a strange repetition for a draw. The longest streak in our online history is five wins. Perhaps Aiden can break this record!

Section 6, Saanvi took the section down with 2.5 points! Saanvi has been playing our events more and more recently but had some difficulty with the competition! We are happy to see the perseverance pay off for her with a well-deserved win!

Mark rose back to the top in Section 7, crushing the competition with a perfect record! Mark also plays very frequently but in recent events has struggled to reach the top of the ladder. This week, he returns with a statement finish, showing the rest of the players he is still here and deserves recognition!

In Section 8, Joey rose to the top with a perfect score! Joey used to play with us a lot in person but just recently started competing in virtual events. We are pleased to see you have not given up on your chess pursuit in the meantime! Congratulations on your return and your victory.

Section 9 was an extremely competitive section where nobody left without a win. It was a close race all the way to the end, but Jacob and Trevor ended up on top in a tie for first! Both players ended the tournament with 2 points

Section 10 witnessed continued domination for Hovannes! One of our most dedicated and improved players, Hovannes won again this week with a perfect score! This puts him one a two-time consecutive winning streak, both of which were with perfect scores! Well done to Hovannes, we hope to see you continue the run!

Section 11, the competitors battled fiercely and forced Section 11 to end in a three-way tie for first. Ben, Sean, and Lucas all ended the section with 2 points each! A special congratulations and welcome to Ben Lee for placing first in his first ever online event with us!


Welcome to the rest of our new players as well. Michael L, Michael S, Andy, Priya, Oren, and David all played their first event with us this week! We hope everyone enjoyed the experience. Although the system is not perfect, we are grateful that everyone appreciates the opportunity to get some good games regardless!


Our game of the week goes to Aiden for his unorthodox opening win! A good demonstration of catching your opponent off-guard, and rife with tactical themes! You can see the game here: AidenGOTW

December 5th, 2020 Quads Report


TD NOTE: We are going to be sending out some emails to the guilty parties from today, but we reiterate to please show up on time! We ask that you join the zoom call no later than 12:45PM to ensure that everything is set up correctly! FOUR sections needed to be remade today because of players arriving 2 minutes before the sections were slated to start. Not only do you delay the tournament for yourself but also for all the others in your sections! If you are not sure that you can make it on time or complete the tournament all the way through, we have them every Saturday! Come back a different week when you are sure you can commit to playing! Thank you.