December 12th, 2020 Quads Report

Posted: 12/13/2020 | Updated: 12/18/2020 | Results

December 12th, 2020 Quads Report

Hello to all participants and thank you for playing! We apologize deeply for the various technical difficulties from this week's event. Normally our events run very smoothly, today brought some new challenges we were not entirely prepared for. Although some sections started late, everybody was still able to complete their tournaments! Based on those results, here are the highlights from the event!


In Section 1 our highest rated player, Sergey, conquered the section with a perfect score! This was his second time playing and his second time winning! Seemingly unstoppable, we hope to have you back again to continue your undefeated run!

In Section 2, after father review Albert wins the section!

In Section 3 Geoffrey climbed to the top of the section with a perfect record! Over the past few months Geoffrey has been piling up first place titles and this week was no different. Well done once again!

Section 4 saw one of our old crew returning to the scene! Kirill attacked this week's tournament after taking a break from chess. Attacking tenaciously, he took clear first with 2.5 points!

In Section 5 Angie, one of our first-time players trampled through her section and took clear first with 2 points! Not many players come in winning on their first event! Well done Angie!


In Section 6, the story of competitive ties began with Isaiah and Dhruva. Both players boasted a perfect score until they played each other! In the end, neither player could gain the upper hand and the match (and the section) ended in a draw. Congratulations to you both!

In Section 7, Frankie and Shanay battled to a tie for first on their first time playing with us! Shanay carried his snowman into battle losing only one game to Frankie himself! Frankie completed this tournament without losing a single game! Going undefeated is a rare achievement and deserves commendation! Well done to both players

Section 8 ended in a hard-fought tie for first between Dante and Daniel with 2 points each! Although Daniel triumphed over Dante in the game they played together, Dante surged back in the final round to tie up the section. Well fought to both players!

In Section 9 Courtney and Niko show that they too can win on their first time out! In a section with many new faces, Courtney and Niko stood out in a tie for first place with 2 points each! Amazing work from the both of you!

Section 10 witnessed yet another tie for first. This time, with 2.5 points each, Ben and Sean rise to the top. Both players emerged victorious in their first two rounds, but when meeting each other in the third could not find more than a draw! with this tie both Ben and Sean extend their winning streak to two tournaments in a row!


We are always happy to see new faces in our events spreading the game and stimulating competition. A warm welcome to all our first-time online players: Nicholas, Benjamin, Surya, William, Amogh, Dhanush, Angie, Shanay, Frankie, Krish, Grayson, Zachary, Niko, and Courtney! We hope you enjoyed and will return to play again with us in the future!


Our game of the week award goes to Mark Kogan! An exciting game with a tactical flourish, this was certainly a convincing victory. You can see the game here:


TD NOTE: As a compensation for frustrating experience at the start of the tournament, everyone who played today and would like to play next week (Dec 19), will receive $10 off registration fee.