January 23Rd, 2021 Quads Report

Posted: 1/25/2021 | Updated: 1/25/2021 | Results

January 23rd, 2021 Quads Report

Hello everyone and thanks again for another smooth and successful tournament! With a total of 10 sections and 42 players, here are the highlights from this week's event!

Welcome to our two new players: Michael Simutis and Vincent Lee! Both new players won their respective sections! Congratulations on a stunning entrance!


In Section 1 Pranav extended his win streak with a perfect score performance! With this win he is on a two consecutive winning streak. Against the stiffest competition the event has to offer, Pranav continues to rise and excel! Well done on your performance!

In Section 2 our streak king Albert continued his dominant reign. With a record setting six-time winning streak, Albert demolished yet another section with a perfect score. With the most impressive streak in ICA history, we begin to wonder if anybody can stop Albert! We will look to our section 1 players to give you a tough fight next time! Well done!

Section 3 was the next chapter in an old story. Matthew, who had not played in one of our events since August, made his return today with a statement finish! Crushing the section with 2.5 points, Matthew adds another trophy finish to his collection with clear first place! Well done and welcome back!

In Section 4 one of our new players, Michael S, trampled the section with a perfect score! With careful planning and precise play, Michael dismantled each opponent thoroughly and completely! He also scores the game of the week for his last game of the event. You can see the match here: https://www.chess.com/live/game/6324713153

Section 5 watched Onyedikachi win clear first place with a perfect score! This is only his second ever event with us and he is already taking down victories! Congratulations and we hope to see you play again with us soon!

In Section 6 we had a tied finish between Chunyu and Ethan. Both players finished with 2 points out of 3. When Chunyu and Ethan went head-to-head, Chunyu took the victory. He later fell to Anderson in the last round to tie up the section! Well done to both victors.

Section 7 was a story of resilience. One of our most regular players, Leon, took home a well-deserved win today with a perfect score! After weeks of careful training and practicing, we are happy to see your hard work paying off! Keep up the effort and congratulations!

In Section 8, Everest continued his winning streak with a perfect score to top today's section! With this clear victory, he is now on a three-time winning streak! Christian, Hovannes, and David followed up Everest in a tie for second place with 1.5 points each. Well done to all the players!

Section 9 witnessed the return of Rachel! Although she had not played with us in a few months, she returned today to prove she is still a fierce competitor! She took the section down effortlessly with a perfect score! Welcome back Rachel and congratulations!

Section 10 ended in a big three-way tie for first! One of our new players, Vincent, threw himself in the mix for first place tying with Sean and AJ. All three players ended the section with 2 points. Congratulations to all three of you!


As always thank you to all for participating! We hope all is well with you and yours and that we will see you again soon in the future!