March 6th, 2021 Quads Report

Posted: 3/9/2021 | Results

 After a week break, we welcomed back players to Saturday Super Quads on March 6th! Once again, we would like to thank all participants for joining us! Special welcome to all our new players: Sharana, Ari S., Harry, Mehul, and Max! Let’s take a look at the highlights: 

In Over 1000 Section 1, Alex ended up on top with 2 points! Although losing to Aaron in the first round, Alex went on beat his next two opponents. Aaron was close to catching up; however, he fell short by 0.5 points after drawing to last week’s winner, Jane. In the end Alex was crowned the victor!

In Over 1000 Section 2,
after last week’s win, Brian wanted more… and he got it! Winning all three of his games, Brian secured the gold for the third week in a row. In his last game, Brian orchestrated a magnificent attack against his opponent Leo, resulting in certain mate. His witted plays earned him first place! Well done! 

In Over 1000 Section 3, we see another clean sweep of 3 victories by none other than Aiden! Earning him the top spot. He started off his great chess day with a strong tactic to win a piece against his opponent Matthew in his first game, then proceeded to show us he didn’t need a queen to checkmate, earning the title of game of the week! Check out the game here: . Great job Aiden

In Under 1000 Section 1, we saw a tournament that was decided by the very last game! Coming into the 3rd round, Mark had 2 points, and Leon had 1.5 points. Either one needed a win to secure 1st place, but the game ended in a draw, resulting in Mark having 2.5 total points, placing him as the winner! 

In Under 1000 Section 2, Ariella, who just started playing with us two weeks ago, tried her hardest to reach first place, but in the end ended up losing to Kirill, who had won all three of his games! With playing black two times in a row, Kirill showed us it doesn’t matter which color he plays with, he can win in any situation! Congrats Kirill!

In Under 1000 Section 3, Everest extends his win streak to 2! Instead of 2.5 points this week, Everest managed to sweep through all of his opponents, ending with a perfect 3 points! Everest demonstrated his knowledge of tactics, using either forks or skewers in all 3 games. Nicely done! 

In Under 1000 Section 4, after last week’s victory, Hyland didn’t take a break! Winning all three of his games today, Hyland easily secured himself the top spot of his section! In his games, Hyland used tactics to win piece, after piece, after piece! Hyland extends his win streak to 3, and it’s well deserved! 

In Under 1000 Section 5, in a very interesting series of games, where the whole section ended up drawing games on round 2, Dhruva ended up on top with 2.5 points! In his second round, Dhruva ended up in a heated endgame against Dante, and what was a position with two kings and multiple pawns, ended up in a nail-biting king vs. king draw! Well done by Dhruva

In Under 1000 Section 6, new player Max ended up 1 point short of first place, earning him a tie for second on his debut! Meanwhile, Thaman secured first place with 2.5 points, only drawing to Max. Well done to both players, and congrats to Thaman for restarting his win streak! 

In Under 1000 Section 7, we saw a tie for first between Hovannes and Kenton! When the two point leaders clashed against each other, Hovannes ended up checkmating Kenton in the middle game, but with Hovannes losing to Jackson in the last round, Kenton was able to catch up, and extend his win streak to 2! Well done to both players! 

In Under 1000 Section 8, newcomer Ari S. made his entrance into ICA Super Saturday Quads more flashier than ever! Ari won all of his three games in his first tournament with us! Harry, another new player, was close behind with 2 points, but fell to Ari in the second round when Ari pulled out a very unique opening: the Vienna Gambit. Ari makes himself known as a strong contender, well done!