Sunday, April 25th Report

Posted: 4/27/2021 | Updated: 4/27/2021

Booster Section: Jeremy – 1st place; Theo – 2nd!

On Sunday the 25th of April, there was a feeling of excitement in the (virtual) air!  The booster section tournament ended with an amazing five-way tie for 3rd place: Congratulations to Amane Kumamoto, Adam Hallak, Prateek Pathuri, Sean Vandalovsky, and Andrew Liu! As for Second Place: a big Congratulations to Theo Beard! And finally for First Place, our booster section tournament winner was Jeremy Pangaribuan. Great work!! The highlight of the booster tournament would have to be the match between Theo Beard (white) and Jeremy Pangaribuan (black). In the game between the top two players in the section, the game was relatively even until move 17... Rd8 by black, an amazing move by Jeremy to win a lot of material and then lead to an eventual two rook checkmate against his opponent. Congrats again to Jeremy! A note to all our top 7 finishers: you are now all eligible to participate in the advancement section next time!

Advancement Section: Jaeden wins for 1st place!

In the Advancement Section we had a clear winner, Jaeden Pangaribuan with a perfect 4 points. In his last game, he had white and played a nice game against the Philidor. There was a 3-way tie for 2nd place: Yifei, Arnav and Nicholas. Everyone played very well and displayed true talent and fighting spirit. 

Congratulations to Yifei, Arnav and Nicholas on achieving second (final) 5th category title norm!