Agust 28St, 2021 Quads Report

Posted: 8/30/2021 | Updated: 8/30/2021 | Results

On August 28th we welcomed players back for another Super Saturday Quads. This week we had 48 players and 15 winners. We would like to thank new participants: Bowen, Aditya, Muthu, Deekshana, Zoe, Shanay, Adrian, Kirtan, Nguyen, Frank, Edward, and Albert. Now into the games.

In Over 1000 Section 1 There was a clear winner, Dennis, with 2.5/3 points. In his last game, he had a very impressive win in the Rossolimo Sicilian. After pushing his e-pawn all the way to e6, he had complete domination over the position. After bringing his knight and queen into his opponent’s position his opponent was forced to sacrifice an exchange. After winning the exchange, Dennis just collected pawns and eventually gave back the exchange and won an easy rook ending. With great technique, and an even better finish he wins this week’s game of the week. You can check out the game here.  

In Over 1000 Section 2 There was another clear winner, Aaryaman, with 2.5/3 points. In his 2nd round, he played with white and won a very nice game. After a normal opening, he accomplished the ideal setup through developing his pieces, connecting his rooks, and grabbing space. In this game the most important aspect was grabbing space, specifically with pawns. After pushing his queenside pawns to lock up his opponent’s pawns the game was very easy to play. Aaryaman brought in his knights and won material very simply. Great Game!

In Over 1000 Section 3 We had another clear winner, Nguyen, with a score of 2.5/3. In his 2nd game, he played a very interesting game out of the Sicilian Dragon. After the opposite side castling, it was a race to who could checkmate first. With the rooks on open files, and a knight hopping from square to square, Nguyen won easily. Good Game!

In Over 1000 Section 4 We had 3 winners all with 2/3 points. Our winners were Mark, Arnav, and Frank. Mark started off with a loss to Arnav but was able to recover by winning his next two games. Likewise, Arnav lost to Frank, while Arnav beat Mark. In Mark vs Frank, Mark was able to attack his opponent’s king resulting in a loss of material and the game. In Frank vs Arnav, Frank was able to utilize a powerful pin with his rooks on the open file to swiftly win material. Finally, in Arnav vs Mark Arnav found tactical blow after blow and won the games in 12 moves. The attacking game was played very well. Great job to all our winners.

In Over 1000 Section 5 Some of our most regular tournament players went to battle! Although nobody walked away without a point, Geoffrey was the clear winner by the time the tournament finished. With an impressive 2.5/3 record, Geoffrey used his tenacious attacking to dismantle his opponents. The only one to hold him to a draw was Murugan. Well played Geoffrey!

In Under 1000 Section 1 We had a clear winner Angie with a perfect score of 3/3. In her last round she played very risky to win the game. After losing a pawn, she had minor compensation with a kingside attack. When her opponent made a slip-up, she capitalized and had a devastating attack that won another material to win the game. Good Job

In Under 1000 Section 2 We had a tie for first place with Kirtan and Gideon. In their game against each other Gideon was victorious. In a game, with the opposite side castling the side who attacks usually wins. This game was no short of that. After a very good attack, Gideon won the game ensuring a tie for first place.

In Under 1000 Section 3 Shiv won with a perfect score of 3/3. In his last game he blundered a piece very early on in the game, but he did not give up. However, his opponent returned the favor and blundered his queen.

In Under 1000 Section 4 Avyay won the section with a score of 2.5/3. In his last game, Avyay won with very nice technique. He won a pawn very early, and with only one extra pawn he was able to destroy his opponent. One pawn, became two, and then eventually the loss of the game. Great Game

In Under 1000 Section 5 Jayden won with a 2/3. He lost his last game, but with his other 2 wins it was enough to win the section. In his 2nd game, he was able to get 2 minor pieces for a rook and truly showed why a knight and bishop are usually better than a rook. Great Game.

In Under 1000 Section 6 Justin, another of our tournament regulars, swept the section with a perfect 3/3 score. After attending multiple weeks of our camp over the summer, we’re glad to see that Justin’s hard work is paying off! Justin did a great job of capitalizing on his opponent’s mistakes in all three games. Although having a worse position against Devam and Remy out of the opening, Justin always found a way to turn the tables whenever his opponents slipped up. Well done Justin!

In Under 1000 Section 7 Akshara crushed the section with a perfect record! Akshara played fundamentally strong chess in all three matches. She wasted no time in ensuring good footholds for her pieces and rapidly achieving well-developed positions. With this impressive showing, Akshara is the clear victor! Well done!