September 11Th, 2021 Quads Report

Posted: 9/13/2021 | Updated: 9/13/2021 | Results

Last Saturday we welcomed back players to another edition of our Super Saturday Quads! Thank you to everybody who joined us! And as always, a special thank you to our new players: Roger, Jufel, and Liam! Let’s look at the highlights:

In Over 1000 Section 1, the tournament was won by David Milstein with a perfect score. He played all stages of the game well, allowing him to sometimes win straight out of the opening, and sometimes win by outplaying his opponent in the endgame. Nice job David!

In Over 1000 Section 2, the winner was Christine with 2.5 points. In her first game, she drew against Eric. Then, she won her other two games in fantastic style, even though she played both with black, showing a good ability to play with both colors. Well played Christine!

In Under 1000 Section 1, Grayson came out on top by winning all three of his games. The decisive game was the last one, between him and Kirtan, who had 1.5 points coming in. With the black pieces, Grayson won an exciting game where both players went for the attack. You can see this game, our game of the week, here: Super work!

In Under 1000 Section 2, first place went to David Mo, who finished with a perfect 3 points. In his games, he proved that he had great tactical knowledge, especially with discoveries. In the first game, a discovered attack won material, and in the second, a discovered check provided the fastest path to checkmate. Amazing job David!

In Under 1000 Section 3, the tournament was Avyay’s. He finished with 3/3, and played extremely well. He used a multitude of different tactics to get ahead in his games: forks, pins, discovered attacks, back-rank weaknesses, you name it! Congratulations Avyay!

In Under 1000 Section 4, the winner was Edward with a perfect score, while Yiming finished in second with 2/3. In his games, Edward gained an advantage after the opening, and was able to convert them into wins in numerous different ways, including both material traps and forced mates. Excellent work Edward!

In Under 1000 Section 5, Jufel’s Super Saturday career got off to a flying start as he won the tournament! He was able to checkmate the opponent in each game. Of note was his second game, where he sacrificed a bishop to deliver a beautiful and unique pawn