NJ State Grade Championship 11/18/2007
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NJ State Grade Championship 11/18/2007
Over Three Hundred kids participated in NJ State Grade championship this Sunday - 20 of them from ICA!

The ICA studentís individual results
(there were 10 places awards in each grade Ė we are only listing kids who got in top 10!)
5th grade Alexander Katz  2nd place
5th grade Gregory Gabovich 3rd place
4th grade Timothy Hoang  1st place (PERFECT SCORE)
3rd grade Yehuda Koslowe  2nd place
3rd grade Hillel Koslowe  4th place
2nd grade Connor Cabrera  6th place
1st grade Ryan Hoang  7th place

ICA studentís team results:
3rd  Grade Moriah Academy 1st place (2.5 points ahead of 2nd place)
Hillel Koslowe
Yehuda Koslowe
Mark Abramowitz