Posted: 9/25/2004

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(New Windsor, NY) A record number of players are signed up to play in the 2004 World Youth Championship to be held November 3-14, 2004 in Heraklio, Crete (an island off Greece). The Greek Chess Federation organizes the tournament, which is a member of the World Chess Federation. The U.S. Chess Trust helps to sponsor the American representatives.

In order to play in this tournament the players must be established as one of the three highest rated candidates by peak post-tournament rating in the previous 12 months, ending with events included in the April rating supplement or be within 50 rating rating points from the third qualifying spot. The following players are signed up to participate:

Under 10

  • Parker Bi Guang Zhao
  • Ray Robson
  • Joshua Dubin
  • Christopher Heung
  • Eve V. Litvak (ICA Studen)
  • Hailey Alexandra Winston
  • Ivana L. Santos

Under 12

  • Fabiano Caruana
  • Michael Thaler
  • Jeffrey Haskel
  • Andrew Ardito
  • Anjali Datta
  • Karsten A. McVay (ICA Studen)
  • Gayatri S. Vempati

Under 14

  • Robert Hess
  • Daniel J. Ludwig
  • Sarkis Agaian
  • Evan D. Ju
  • Alisa Melekhina

Under 16

Under 18

  • Joshua E. Friedel
  • Iryna Zenyuk

The American delegation will be assisted by three U.S. Chess Federation coaches: Aviv Friedman, John Fedorowicz, Armen Ambarrtsaumian as well as several parents and private coaches. We wish them all the best of luck!


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