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Not in the sense that we should certifiably send them to an asylum or something, but rather in that new, hip, street slang sense that proclaims that  “crazy indeed equals too cool for school.”  Maybe even “cool” not in that hip, and stylish sense, but the one where nerves are frozen shut and don’t have any influence on the pressure filled situations that routinely arise at chess competitions.


In section one, Victoria Gu, an ICA attendee who studies two hours a week at the ICA on sundays, and four hours a week personally with Diana, won section 1 with a perfect four for four score.  Beating the 12th, 11th, 10th, and 3rd place finishers, Victoria proved that logging in extra hours studying does indeed pay off.  Second place was nabbed by Jagjit Singh who drew with the 11th place finisher, Mathew Sternheim, before beating the 19th, 15th, and 4th place finishers to take silver.   In third was Jason Vlacancich, who had the toughest time of it beating all top ten finishers in the first three rounds, with wins over 5, 8, and 6, going into the last round, before losing out to the above mentioned Victoria.  Daniel Khaitov, Nicole Shtern, Arjun Shanmugadas, Aadi Hari, and Dan Binderman also scored three points to finish co-third yet slightly below Jason, only due to tiebreaks.  Twenty-five kids competed in the first section.

In section two, with forty-one kids participating, A Demarchi-Blumstein, and Nicole Moiseyev scored perfectly to finish first, and second place respectively.  Demarchi-Blumstein beat the 40th, 11th, 26th, and 5th place finishers, while Nicole, who successfully attended our ICA summer camp, beat the 17th, 28th, 6th, and 13th place finishers to come in close second.   Evan Zauderer finished 3rd with three and a half points, beating out the 29th, 7th, and 4th place finishers after drawing his first round game against 24th finishing Zachary Mankowitz. 

In section three, long time summer camp attendee, Victor Ionita put on a masterful display beating out the 17th, 20th, and 4th place finishers, before putting on a great effort in the final round against Saturday, Fair Lawn location attendee Misha Raevsky to take home first.  A risky knight sacrifice, that Misha chose to decline allowed Victor to control the action on black’s kingside, before a sneaky, discovered mate threat went unnoticed by Misha and thus won Victor the day.   Jeffery Xu also did great with a perfect score, beating out the 22nd, 30th, 5th, and 9th place finishers to claim tie-break second.  In third was the above mentioned Misha who beat out the 28th, 21st, and 8th place finishers before losing to Victor.  Mathew Li, Malik Ravi, Phillip Blumin, Zachary Love, and Siddharth Wagh all also scored three out of four points but finished behind Misha on tiebreaks.  Forty-three kids competed in section three.

In section four, Michael Rozenvasser, and Haik Der Manuelian, both scored four out of four to go one, two.  Haik attends the ICA school in Fair Lawn, while Michael attended the camp this past summer. Michael  beat 16, 14, 3, and 13, while Haik beat 15,12,11 and 4.   In third place was Amey Parsarkar, who scored three out of four, and beat 22, 8, and 12, with his only loss coming against Michael Rozenvasser in the third game.   Sujay Uppalapati, Michael Aksen, and Jackson Min all also scored three out of four but finished below Amey on tie-breaks.  Twenty-seven people competed in section 4.

Finally, in section five, Ethan Klein, a summer camp attendee, finished clear first, being the only one to score perfectly with wins against the 15th, 9th, 8th, and 5th place finishers. David Rubenfeld took clear second, with wins against the 20th, 10th, and 7th place finishers, and a draw against third placing Sebastian Spitz.  Sebastian didn’t lose a game but got third place because of draws against David, and 6th placing William Chen, with his wins coming against the 13th and 9th placed finishers.  Amol Pasarkar also scored three points but finished behind Sebastian on tie-breaks.

See you crazy kids at the next tournament! Make sure to bring the saner of your two parents.