Dr. Ostfeld
Posted: 1/21/2011 | Updated: 1/21/2011

David L. Ostfeld Jr. 09/17/42-12/27/10

It is with a great degree of difficulty, and sadness that this is written.  The obvious somberness of the subject matter is the reason it has taken so relatively long to write it, and we sincerely hope everyone understands why exactly this is not something one contemplates with any sort of enthusiasm. 

Most parents, and their kids/students, associated with the International Chess Academy did not know Dr. Ostfeld.  However, most are familiar with our seasonal tournaments held five times a year at the Bergen Academies in Hackensack, which have brought joy, entertainment, and just pure fun to every chess playing kid growing up in the North Jersey area for the past ten years.  What most didn’t know was that those same ten years ago it was with the help of Dr. Ostfeld that the tournaments happened in the first place.  For the past decade, not a single tournament could have made it without Dr. Ostfeld’s help, or supervision.

The early winter one on the twelfth of last month was his last, and our tournament this February will be the first ever without him. 

For those parents, and ICA students that were acquainted with Dave, it was probably through his  efforts in organizing the Bergen Academies High School Chess Team.  Comprised of perhaps ninety percent ICA students and coaches, the team was easily one of the top five teams in the entire United States, routinely winning top honors in all sorts of national scholastic competitions.  This success was only possible through the efforts of Dr. Ostfeld in mentoring and organizing the program through all these years.

Further information on Dr. Ostfeld and his life outside of chess can be found through the following links:






He always had a great smile, and was one of the nicest and most accommodating human beings associated with our school. 

We thought it fitting the tournaments be renamed in his honor.

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