7 year old Chess Champ

Posted: 12/15/2004
By: www.wkowtv.com
Crestwood second grader is ranked one of the best chess players in the nation for his age.

Brian Lou only learned how to play chess in April of 2003, but he has already passed other kids in his age group and adults who have played for years.

Even though Lou is 7 years old he is part of Madison West High School's Chess Team. Last month Lou won all nine games at the U.S. National Youth Action Chess Championship in Hershey, PA.

Lou plays against high school students twice a week. He even beats one of the best high school players.

His coach believes the reason Lou has gotten so good is because he focuses on his losses to determine how to become better. They expect Lou to be so good in a couple years he will pass even his coach.