Two Cameras Rule

Posted: 11/20/2020

Due to recent cheating accusations that have been plaguing not only our events, but events all across the chess world, we are going to be following official recommendations to institute a 2-camera setup for our higher rated players effective immediately (This rule will apply to all sections > 1000). What this entails is that all players in our Over 1000 average sections will be required to set up 2 cameras during their games. It is unfortunate we need to take such measures and we realize this may be difficult for some players to abide by. Cheating is something we take very seriously and with recent events, such measures have become necessary. Please let us know if you have any questions and be aware that this rule will be enforced strictly. If you cannot conform to this setup, you will not be able to play!


With our new two camera rule, here are the details on how it should be set up. The two cameras must provide:

1. A full view of your face

2. A full view of your entire computer screen


This can be done with any devices! We would recommend using your normal computer camera for your face (as most of you are doing already) and setting up a phone or tablet on the side for your screen. Here is an example below of an acceptable setup:

Two cameras rule

Some other notes and details:

  • The Director may on occasion require that Zoom be temporarily adjusted to reveal parts of the room not otherwise displayed.  
  • A player may not leave for a bathroom break while on move (on opponents turn, notify the director and they will give you permission to go!).
  • Players are warned that improvement of play slightly after a bathroom break is considered highly suspicious and, depending on other factors, could lead to a player being forfeited or banned.