ICA Early Winter Championship Proceeds Without President Obama!
Posted: 12/15/2009 | Photo | Results

ICA Early Winter Championship Proceeds Without President Obama!

So apparently the president plays chess (with his wife no less) and was supposed to come to our tournament to participate.  Of course, as unlikely as this sounded, given that I voted for the old Republican guy, and that it wasn’t on CNN or anything, I was still expectant given that the news came from a reliable source named Solomon Lerner.   I should have known Solomon was just having fun at my expense given that he promised Ronald Mcdonald, and the Wu Tang Clan would show up last time around, which didn’t happen of course, but I was naïve enough to believe in the “audacity of hope,” and played the game Benjamin Franklin said to continue playing in a hopeless position.

Uh, anyway, in section 1, with twenty-eight kids competing, Nicholas Sternheim beat 4,12,11, and third place Brycen Kirschner to take first place.  In second, was Zachary “Scholar’s Mate” Mankowitz beat the 16th, 15th, 19th, and 7th place finishers to take home his own shiny trophy.  The aforementioned Brycen Kirschner took third, beating the 5th, 14th, and 13th finishers, before going down to Nicholas in the last round.

In section 2, Vruthik Thakkar, came in first winning against the 21st, 5th, 4th, and 6th place finishers. His nearest rival,  second placing, Brian Song beat out the 31st, 15th, 13th, and 7th placed finishers and only came in second because of tie-breaks.  Arpan Gupta was third, drawing with 11th placed Sam Weinstein,  and then beating the 26th, 24th, and 12th placed finishers.  Thirty-three kids competed in the second section.

Joshua Clune won section 3 with a bye in the first round but convincing wins against 2nd placing Alexander Poste,  3rd placing Connor  Jordan, and finally fifth placing Sophie Goldberg.   Alexander Poste, the aforementioned 2nd placer, beat the 10th, 7th, and 8th placed finishers.   Connor Jordan beat the 11th, 7th, and 6th placed finishers  to take third. Only thirteen kids competed here, which means there is room for aggressive expansion so tell your friends or something.

Section 4, suffered no shortage of participants with forty-three competitors all jealously admiring Neil Miller who won against the 24th, 27th, 6th, and 4th placed finishers to take home gold.  Mignel O’malley  took second with wins against the 35th, 23rd, and 10th placed finishers, and drawing with the 7th placed Eric Kong.  Sindu Shanmugadas got third with wins against the 32nd, 28th, and 13th finishers, and a draw against 5th placed AJ Dennis.

Section 5, saw Shivani Shanmugadas claiming first place with three and a half points, winning against 17, 12, and 2, while drawing with 3.  Robert Elliot took second beating the 22nd, 5th, and 9th placed finishers, but losing to the above mentioned Shivani.  Ethan Klein beat the 23rd, and 8th placed finishers, drew with Shivani, and 4th finishing Maxim Farberov to take third.  Twenty-six kids competed in section 5.

With that we wish you some happy holidays and will see you next year.

PS  as always we had some apple donuts left.