Posted: 5/17/2010


With the Spring in full swing and school almost out for the Summer the ICA held another round of its usually seasonal ICA scholastic tournaments.  With more than one hundred and forty kids competing for trophies, eating sugar filled donuts, and greasy pizza, this much like all our tournaments was another shin dig of a party all around. The results were as follows:


With thirty-seven kids competing it was Aadi Hari, and David “Bazooka” Barenboim sharing top honors with perfect four for four scores.  Aadi’s record against the eleventh, twelfth, fifth, and tenth place finishers, was random, yet slightly better than David’s against the nineteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, and fourth place finishers, which is why he officially got first, though both went undefeated. 

In third place, and all on her own was, Madhumita Seshadri, who won three games but drew her second round game against Andrew Ahn.   


Alex Shen was in first all by himself with a perfect score and wins in every single game.  Tied for second, and third, were Max Portnoj, and Greg Volynsky who both scored three-and-a-half points due to a drawn game between the two in the second round.  However, since Max won against sixteen, seven, and twelve, whereas Gregory against twenty, nineteen, and nine, it was Max who received the official second place trophy.

Twenty-seven kids competed in section two.


Section three saw a tie for first between Siddharth Wagh, and Michael Zheng.  Both scored four points total, but Siddharth won against thirty-five, nineteen, three and four,  while Michael only against forty-two, thirty four, six, and nine, thereby making Siddharth the official first placer. 

Ten people tied for third place with a total of three wins and one loss, but it was Ravi Malik who only lost against Siddharth ,that took home the official third place trophy.  The other three wins players were:  Preston Wang, Mathew Li, Connor Cabrera, Dwight Moran, Joseph Riener, John Paul Thevening, Daniel Zolty, Philip Blumin, Sophia Goldberg, and Nastasia Klevak.

Forty three kids competed in section three.


Though he has three names, there was no doubt that Zachary Daniel Helming was the first place winner of section four at the end of the day.  Zachary was the only player to remain perfect throughout winning outright in all four rounds.

His closest competitors were Ashish Devanapalli, and Miguel O’malley, who both scored three points each to take respective second and third.

Sixteen kids competed in section four.


While nobody scored perfect here, in large part due to how tough the section is, it was Gilad “Big G” Drillich, who took top honors with a score of three-and-a-half.  Gilad beat seventeen, sixteen, and an impressive three, before drawing second placing Eric Kong in the last round.  Eric, who finished in second place with three points also drew the officially fourth Chris Shao in his third round game to fall half a point shy of first place. 

Tied for second place along with Eric, but officially in third and fourth place respectively, were Kyler McVay, and Chris Shao. 

Eighteen kids competed in section five.


See you all at the next tournament.