2010 Early Winter Scholastic Championships Close Out The Year’s ICA Tournaments!
Posted: 12/26/2010

2010 Early Winter Scholastic Championships Close Out The year’s ICA Tournaments!

With the last tournament of this the soon to be “last year” in 2011 going off without a hitch the kids came out to bring out their tough stuff and “A” game.

Section 1

The Kindergarten through second grade section was dominated and won by a promising ICA student in Jason Vlacancich.   Jason thoroughly dominated the first three rounds before beating fourth placing Yisroel Shlionsky in the last one. 

In second, and third place, respectively, with three-and-a-half points each, were Nikole Stern, and Lasal Mapitigama.  Lasal drew his first round game, while Nikole, apparently on the verge of victory in the third round, stalemated with a queen and king.  The opponent, young Allan Zhang, was thereby able to gain the necessary half point to tie six other players for mutual fourth place.

In order of tie-breaks they were: Yisroel Shlionsky, Henry Baquerizo, the aforementioned Allan Zhang, Daniel Klevak, Richard Machado, and Sophie Rasol.

Thirty-three kids competed in section one.

Section 2

Ameel Jani won section two with an especially dominating performance against all four other highest finishers.  In second through seventh, were Alan Sourek, Daniel Merchel, Benny Abramov, David Barenboim, Nil Sera Gungor, and Christopher Elson, who all won three games each.

Twenty-one kids competed in section two.

Section 3

In the largest section of the tournament, consisting of a total of fifty-two players, it was Michael Gleyzer who scored four points to secure first place.  Michael, who ICA coach Solomon Lerner feels has the most potential among ICA students, defeated the twenty-fourth, thirty-fourth, sixth, and seventh placed finishers, to attain the gold podium victory.

In almost equal second was Aaron Shlionsky, who also scored four points but finished second only because of tie-breaks.

Eddie Abramov, and Emre Alptuna, finished in respective third, and fourth with three-and-a-half points each, with nine other players finishing right below with three points.

In order of tie-break finishes they were: Allesandro DeMarchi-Blumstein, Vaed Prasad, Nandish Gajiwala, Yosef Shamovsky, Daniel Khaitov, Luciano Tarabocchia, Gabriel Vinogradov, Yun Jae Jung, and Alex Hao.

As stated, fifty-two players competed in section three.

Section 4

Dwight Moran, and Jacqueline Tse drew their individual game in the final round to finish a respective tie-break first, and second place in section four.   Close behind were five players who all scored three points each to tie for third place.  In order of tie-break finishes they were: Ashish Devanapalli , Phillip Lee, Thomas Mundell, Varun Venkatesh, and Zachary Lyandres.

Twenty-six players competed in section four.

Section five

With only thirteen players facing-off in section five, it was Monika Neycheva finishing in first place with a total of three-and-a-half points.   In second, and third place, respectively, were Sam Berrettini, and Gilad Drillich, who both scored three points.

With that, we wish you a happy new year, right after a happy Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Festivus, or whatever other holiday you may or may not celebrate.   Of course we also hope to see you all in the new year.