Zlotnikov Bounces Back With ICA Open Win; Feuerstein Finishes Second!
Posted: 12/26/2010

Zlotnikov Bounces Back With ICA Open Win; Feuerstein Finishes Second!

After the last ICA Open Tournament in which IM Zlotnikov was shockingly upset by ICA coach Solomon Lerner, I am sure Mikhail was raring to get his revenge with a victory here.  Though part of his task was accomplished with a quick four for four score, the victory was probably only three quarters of the tank sweet, since Solomon wasn’t able to play on during this session.   IM Zlotnikov earned two-hundred and fifty five dollars for his efforts.

In second, was army man Arthur Feuerstein who won three games but sputtered in the second round with a draw against twenty-fifth finishing Alice Dong.   Arthur received two-hundred and twelve dollars for the silver.

Seven people tied for third place with three points each, having earned sixty-seven dollars each for their efforts.  In order of tie-break finishes they were Praveen Balakrishnan, Michael Bogaty, David Slatin, Alexander Katz, Kevin E Chen, Igor Yeliseyev, and Ariel Shusterman.  Ariel  (i.e. Ari) received eighty five dollars for being the top finisher with a rating under eighteen hundred.

The other prize winners were Nick Katz, Asha Kapengut, Alex Poste, Eric Kong, and Jeremy Glassman, who all got seventeen dollars for being the best finishers with a rating under sixteen hundred.

Thirty-Four people participated in the ICA Winter Open Section.