Posted: 3/3/2011 | Updated: 3/6/2011 | Photo | Results


Without much fanfare, and with a certain solemn nature the first ICA Dr. Ostfeld Memorial Championships, and the first ICA tournament without Dr. Ostfeld, came and went.   Parents chatted about mortgage payments, and bought pizza, and donuts, while kids ran around playing with make believe blasters in between rounds of chess. It was a happy occasion for the most part though with certain faint reminiscences about Dave being heard throughout the day. 


Section One

In section one, Ryan Ko, and Max Perlman split first, and second place with perfect scores of four points out of four.  Ryan came back from a bishop, and knight deficit to defeat Alex Belov in the third round, and almost slipped in a last round stalemate against Ashley Jiang, but managed to pull it together in the end.

David Chang, and Qihan Wang, split third and fourth place, with Qihan getting a bye in round one, and David ending up with a weird draw against Anat Tsyrlin.  Qihan also drew against Mark Vilkin in the second round.

Ashley Jiang, Sophie Rasol, Arjun Bidani, Maurice Zacks, and Henry Baquerizo all scored three points each to split fifth place.

Forty-three kids competed in section one.

Section Two

Max Portnoy, and Benny Abramov split first in section two winning all four of their individual games.  Eric Trostin claimed third place with his only draw coming against Malina Pavlova in the first round.   Aron Dyadyuk, and Christopher Elson split third place with three wins each, and their only losses both coming to Max Portnoy.

Twenty-six kids competed in section two.    

Section Three

Sasha Konovalenko, John Paul Thevening, and Gary Li won first place with perfect scores for each.  Vaed Prasad, and Israel Moshe Shlionsky, received three-and-a-half points each and tied for mutual fourth place.

Seven people including Vivek Gogliani, Jason Vlacancich, Victoria Gu, Charles Tang, Connor Cabrera, Alan Stolyarov, Nicholas Konovalenko, and Alex Hao, scored three points each and tied for mutual sixth place.

Fifty-four children competed in the biggest section of the day.

Section Four

Our family section winners, Aaron Shlionsky, and Eddie Abramov scored perfectly to tie for mutual first place in section four.  Hillel Koslowe, Brandon Ng, Joshua Katz, and Daniel Zolty scored three points each to tie for mutual third place.

Twenty-nine people competed in section four.

Section Five


With only fifteen people competing it was Amol Pasarkar above all with a perfect score.  His brother Amey scored three points, with a double dose of draw, and two wins combined to claim second, along with Maanav Ganthapodi, who only lost once to Amey. 


Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope to see you all at the next ICA tournament.