Posted: 3/3/2011 | Updated: 3/6/2011 | Photo | Results

Stripunsky Still Supreme; London, Markzon Close Second!

In the first ever ICA tournament without Dr. Ostfeld, and in the first, renamed in his honor, GM Alex Stripunsky continued his dominance of the open section with a perfect score.  The ICA coach defeated three other ICA coaches in David Shekhtman, Solomon Lerner, and Alex Katz, with a fourth victory against cult legend Arthur Feuerstein, to claim first place and three hundred dollars.

In close second, and third place, were Dimitry London, and Gregory Markzon, who won three games and each drew Max Yelsky, and Igor Yeliseyev, respectively to get three-and-a-half points and finish joint silver/bronze place.   Both got two hundred twenty-five dollars each for their efforts.

Six people finished with three points each, and received various prizes, in the amounts of thirty-four, and fifty dollars each for top finishes for players rated under 2000, or 2200.  The under-2200 finishers were Danny Rade, Alex Katz, and Eugene Sokolovsky while the under-2000 finishers were Max Yelsky, and Solomon Lerner.   Arthur Feuerstein took seventy-five dollars for a best finish by a player over sixty-five.

Sebastian Spitz, and Yakir Forman both received fifty-dollars each for best finishes for rated players under eighteen hundred, for their two-and-a-half point performances.

Gilad Drillich, and Ethan Klein, scoring two points each, got fifty dollars for their best under sixteen hundred rating performances.

Rounding things out were Mathew Lim, Michael Lim, and Max Polichuk who got twenty-five dollars for best finishes for players under thirteen years of age.

Forty-one players competed in the Open Section.