Dr Ostfeld Memorial Scholastic Championships: Spring Edition!
Posted: 5/13/2011 | Updated: 5/13/2011 | Photo | Results

Dr Ostfeld Memorial Scholastic Championships: Spring Edition!


With the dying of the winter season, and the rebirth of the leaves on the trees that shade us from the supposed warmth of the globe, the latest ICA tournament came and went.  Victors vanquished the vulnerable, and trophies were awarded to those brave enough to conquer their enemies. The “Game of Thrones” known as chess brought about joy and sorrow on that day.

Section 1

Forty-nine children competed in section one, and the Tsyrlin siblings defeated all comers to secure first, and second places.  Anat was officially first, while her little brother finished second.  Zachary Shusterman also scored four points but finished in official third place on tie-breaks.

Section 2

With thirty-two people competing in section two.  Jerry Wang won all four games to claim first place all by himself.  Anton Leyzerov, and Daniel Klevak took second, and third places, respectively after Daniel, playing on board one in the final round, missed a checkmate in two moves and stalemated even with an extra queen and bishop.   Both, Anton, and Daniel finished with three-and-a-half points each.

Section 3

Three people, in a field of forty one, scored perfectly (one of whom is actually “last-named” Perfect) to take mutual first places in section three. Eric Trostin was tie-break first, while Patrica “was perfect” Perfect, and Greg Volynsky tied for second, and third places though all scored victories in every round.

Section 4

Connor Cabrera won first place for scoring three-and-a-half points in a field of twenty-six competitors in section four.  Kyra Schluter took second for the same exact score, while Philip Grodsky, and Nicholas Konovalenko tied for third, and fourth places respectively for scoring three out of four points.

Section 5

Section five was a short, eighteen person affair, with Miguel O’malley claiming first places with three-and-a-half points.  Zehao Shen, and Ryan Hoang tied both scored three points each to take, second, and third places respectively. 


Great thanks to each and every great competitor, and we shall see you all at the next tournament.