Spring Dr Ostfeld Memorial Open
Posted: 5/13/2011 | Updated: 5/13/2011 | Photo | Results


When The Cat’s Away The Mice Will Play…And Win!  
Mirtchouk, Barsky Take Prizes With Absence of Stripunsky, Markzon, and Zlotnikov!

With GM Alex Stripunsky busy messing up his Chigorin Variation of the French Defense at the umpteenth annual US Championships, and Markzon, and Zlotnikov, experts, Mirtchouk, and Barsky  took top honors at these past second Dr Osteld Memorial Spring Championships. 

Alex Mirtchouk took tie-break first place with three-and-a-half points, after drawing young ICA coach Arjun Mayur in the first round, and then following it up with three straight wins.  Sam Barsky took tie-break second after missing the first round and receiving a first round bye, and then winning three straight games afterwards.   Both received 220 dollars for co-first places.

Leading the 64 dollar third prize pack was Arnold “of <Misha Rozenvasser’s  Dad> fame” Rozenvasser who won all his games except the last one against Mirtchouk.  Dmitry London, Gregory Gabovich, ICA coach Alex Katz, and Kevin Chen followed suit in tying for third.

Arthur Feuerstein took his traditional prize (this time 60 bucks) for best player over sixty-five, with his two-and-a-half point performance.

Yakir Forman got 80 bucks for his two-and-a-half point performance which was the best for a player with a rating under eighteen hundred.

A double dose of Michael (Yen, and Wu) got twenty dollars each for two points each and best performances for children thirteen years of age or younger.  Eric “King” Kong joined both Mikes in accomplishing said honors.

Finally, Asha “My grandpa is Albert Kapengut” Kapengut, and Maxim Farberov got forty-dollars each for best results of a player with a rating under 1600.

Thirty-one people participated in the open section.