New School Year At ICA Brings Brand New Chess Tournaments!
Posted: 9/16/2011 | Updated: 9/19/2011

New School Year At ICA Brings Brand New “Super Saturday Smyslov/Steinitz  Chess Tournaments! In Fair Lawn!”

Based on popular demand and with a desire to address the issue of playing our “Monday Prime Time” tournaments for four weeks in a row, and each time after a stressful work day, we now offer chess tournaments every Saturday at our Fair Lawn Location.  Named after the legendary first, and seventh, world champions Wilhelm Steinitz, and  Vasily Smyslov, because their names start with the letter S much like the day of the week when we will hold the tournament (and also because both were tremendous players, what with Steinitz and his positionalism, and Smyslov with that as well as great endgame technique), the tournaments will allow many higher rated students, and players the chance to face off with Masters of national, and international strength (GM’s Alex Stripunsky, Sergey Kudrin, and perhaps even fearsome Artur Yusupov when he’s  in town, among many others may stop by on any given Saturday).

For those not rated high enough to achieve said distinction we will also hold rated tournaments in different ratings-based sections (quads format: unrated, rated below 800, 800 – 1000; 1000 – 1200; 1200 – 1400; etc.) This will give every student  a chance to build their rating up, as well as prepare for our larger tournaments (our 2011 – 2012 Dr David Ostfeld Memorial Tournaments at Bergen Academy will be held on the following days: 10/16, 12/11, 1/29, 4/1; 6/3) .

The tournaments will be held each Saturday in Fair Lawn starting at 1 p.m.  The tournament will consist of three individual games, with time controls of game sixty for ratings 1000 and higher, or game thirty for sections below 1000.  Prizes: $50 to first in each section. The entry fee is set at $25, however, a discount will be provided for every 3rd Smyslov/Steinitz tournament attended. There will be a blitz tournament every last Saturday of the month! 

Space is limited, so please don’t do something silly like waiting till the last minute to let us know you are coming.  Registering in advance would reserve a spot and guarantee a better organized event for everyone attending.

Oh, and we will be providing lunch and snacks!

We hope to see everyone there.

Monday Night Prime-Time Tournaments Starting Tomorrow Night!

For those not able to attend because of prior commitments, we still provide an outlet for play on Monday nights at our Teaneck location at 7:30 p.m.  The tournaments run in four week cycles (with week five allocated for blitz play) with a cost of forty dollars per each four week cycle, with the blitz costing a separate fifteen dollars.