2019 ICA Open Championship
Posted: 3/19/2019 | Updated: 3/19/2019

ICA Open Championship

We’re so proud of Alexander Katz. He won the Open Section and $240 with a perfect score (4 out of 4). Pictured below is Alexander, a student of ICA since the age of 5, then and now. In December Alexander graduated from M.I.T., a semester in advance, and is now working on acquiring his GM norm before re-locating to California to start a new job!
Open U1600 Championship

Winning the ICA Open U1600 Section with a perfect score (4 out of 4) was Lily Del Pilar. Lily’s been a student at ICA for over 7 years. She was awarded $140 and gained 100+ rating points!

Grant Goldman, also an ICA student, won 2nd place and $105.

Sections 1-5 Championship

Sec 1. Ian Zhao won a 3rd place trophy; Daniel Chapnik (with same score 3.5 on tie-break) won the 4th place trophy; Olivia and Max - 5th and 6th place trophies

Sec 2: Ari Onik won the 1st place trophy; Other ICA students won 1st and 3rd through 7 places trophies)

Sec 3: Ved and Sam won 2nd and 3rd place trophies;Other ICA students won 2nd through 7th places trophies

Sec 4: Ron Baver won the 2nd place trophy; Raymond the 4th place trophy; Robert the 7th place trophy and Jacob the 8th place trophy

Sec 5: Albert won the 2nd place trophy; Denis the 5th and Jennifer the 6th