Top Families At The March 10 - Championships
Posted: 4/9/2019 | Updated: 4/9/2019 | Results

Top Families at the March 10 - Championships

A total of 26 families participated in the March 10 Dr Dave Ostfeld Memorial ICA Championships. Here are the top three families to win.

In first place are brothers Ayling, Alao (section 2) and Remy (section 1) who both won every single round, making that their third time winning (Dec 16, Jan 27 and Mar 10) at Family Competition! Because of their perfect scores, cumulatively 8 points, they have earned free entry into the May 5th ICA Championship AND free entry to any Super Saturday tournament at ICA in Glen Rock. Stay tuned for the May 5th results. The stakes will be higher as both boys will now be moving up to Section 3. Wish them luck!

In 2nd place, with 6.5 points are Adam, Eitan and Uri Rettig. Adam and Eitan both competed in Session 3 and Uri competed in Section 4. We look forward to seeing you all on May 5th where you'll be granted free entry as your reward for placing 2nd.

Placing third, with 6 points is the Katz family. Alexander Katz competed in the ICA Open Championship and won every single round. Well done Alex! Nicholas Katz also competed in the ICA Open and won 2 out of 4 rounds. Benjamin and Genevieve competed in Section 3 and both won 2 out of 4 rounds. The entire family has earned free entry into the May 5 competition as well.