ICA Spring Camp 2019: Wacky Wednesday!
Posted: 4/18/2019 | Updated: 4/18/2019 | Photo

ICA Spring Camp 2019: Wacky Wednesday!


Wednesday in Glen Rock

The weather was beautiful today and we were able to go out for both warm-up and sports.  This makes the campers so much happier and willing to settle down to chess work.  Some of the campers challenged the coaches to a dance off leading to a prize for the dance contest.  You never know what we’ll get up to in chess camp!

First, the group prizes – in Chris’s group Alexander took the top honors again today.  First prize for Nicholas’s group went to Michael V.  First prize for Danilo’s group went to Conor and the first prize in Slava’s group went to Pia.  Top honors in Noreen’s group went to Angie and Charlotte.  The art prize went to Pia. The soccer prize went to Conor.  Michael R took top honors the dance contest.  Markus took the prize for best notation. Mark got the prize for survival in a simul.   Albert got a special prize for as the coach’s helper.

Day Three Winners: Albert, Markus, Conor, Michael V, Alex, Pia, Angie, Charlotte, Michael R and Mark