ICA Summer Chess Camp Has Officially Started Its First Week In Teaneck!
Posted: 6/20/2019

ICA Summer Chess Camp has officially started its first week in Teaneck!


And we have great NEWS for our campers and their parents!


ICA is excited to launch a new MATH program with Laura Givental, director of the Berkeley Elementary Math Circle,  and the author of the book “Math Circle by the Bay”. She leads the Bay Area math circle program in Berkeley and Stanford, CA, that currently enrolls more than 600 kids every year.

Bay Area Math Circles program is built on the topics that are usually not covered in the school curriculum. Those topics have deep mathematical context; they are exciting, challenging, and teach mathematical way of thinking. 

This program is designed to extend skills in problem-solving, deepen understanding of math, teach useful techniques and reasoning behind the mathematical methods.  

ICA encourages GIRLS to participate in the MATH program. Join us, learn math in a friendly way, improve math proficiency, gain confidence, and meet new friends!

The new exciting MATH program will be offered at Teaneck and Glen Rock locations at 1:30 pm on week 3 and week 4.


ICA is the perfect place where summer fun

and intellectual challenges meet!


See you here!

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