December 19th, 2020 Quads Report

Posted: 12/21/2020 | Results

December 19th, 2020 Quads Report

Thank you to all players for your participation! We had our second biggest event to date. With 12 sections and 48 total players, here are the results and highlights from this week's tournament!


In Section 1 we had an upset story! Michael, the lowest officially rated player in the section rose to the top with a perfect score. Not only does he take first place, but also the satisfaction of winning 3 games against higher rated players! Well done!

Section 2 ended in a massive tie between Mathias, Albert, and Artem! All these experienced tournament players ended the section with 2 points. Although some of these players took each other down, none of them could beat everyone out. Well played to you all, looks like a very tough section! Artem takes the Game of the Week with a win from this section, you can see the game here:

In Section 3, a familiar face took the section down. Geoffrey, one of our tournament regulars, won with 2.5 points. With this win, he is now on a two consecutive winning streak! We will see you back again to keep the ball rolling! Congratulations!

In Section 4, William (notsure_howtochess) proved that his username is far from the truth! Tearing through his section with 2.5 points, William wins sole first place and the title!

Section 5 saw one of our newcomers starting off on the right foot! Aneesh on his first ever event with us won the section with 2.5 points! With his solid planning and tactical flair, Aneesh is definitely a player to watch out for! We hope to have you back soon.

Section 6 had our first tie of the week. Angie and Mark tied the section with 2 points each! Although Angie trumped Mark in their game, she fell to Ari in the last round to tie up the scores. Well done to both players!

Sections 7 and 8 were a family story! The Balighian brothers, Bennett and Brady, both won with perfect scores! A perfect score is an amazing feat by itself, but for both to do it on their very first online event with us is downright incredible! Excellent work to you both!

In Section 9, yet another new player swept the section. On his first time in the ring, Dexter crushed his competition with a perfect score! Congratulations on your win!

In Section 10 a well-deserving Courtney demolished her section with another perfect score! After all the technical difficulties from last week we are glad to see you're bringing the wins your way! Apologies again for last week and well done!

In Section 11, Grayson crafted his redemption story. After falling short of the mark in his last tournament, he came back swinging this time! Winning his section with a perfect score, Grayson takes home the prize and the first-place title! Nice rebound!

Section 12 was a mix between the old and new! The quad ended in a tie between a regular competitor, Andy, and a new player, Harshini, scoring 2 points each! Well fought to both of you!


A warm welcome to all our new players: Aneesh, Bennett, Justin Z, Brady, Lana, Dexter, Philip, Harshini, and Kavya! We hope you enjoyed the games!


We are very happy to see the continued support for the tournaments! We are glad to be able to provide a way to play with everything happening in the world. Thank you all for participating and happy holidays!
December 19th, 2020 Quads Report