Sunday October 2Nd Reports

Posted: 10/5/2021 | Updated: 10/6/2021 | Results

On October 2nd we welcomed players back for another edition of the Super Saturday Quads. Special thanks to newcomers Philip R. and Natalia. This week we had 24 players and many winners. Now into the games.


In Over 1000 Section 1 We had a 3-way tie for first with Philip H, Albert, and Bashir coming in first place all with 2/3 points. This week’s game of the week goes to Bashir vs Albert. In this game Bashir played very aggressively but then the game transposed into a more normal ending. He showed that a bishop was better than a knight and converted the endgame. You can check the game here.


In Over 1000 Section 2 Grayson won with 2/3 points. After losing his first round he did not give up and went on to win his next two games. In his last game, he it was an exciting opposite side castling match where Grayson gave mate first.


In Over 1000 Section 3 Edward won with a perfect score of 3/3. In his last game, he played normal moves and got a position with more space. After positionally squeezing his opponent, his opponent blundered a piece and he won shortly afterward.


In Under 1000 Section 1 Philip R won with a score of 3/3. In the opening he developed his pieces faster, and eventually pinned his opponent’s queen, thus winning it. With the material advantage he won easily.


In Under 1000 Section 2 Avyay won with a score of 2/3. In his 2nd game, he played a very tactical line and won a piece due to a uncastled king. After being up a piece, Avyay was able to win the game easily.


In Under 1000 Section 3 Achyut won with a perfect score of 3/3. Achyut developed his pieces well and started to storm his pawns against an uncastled king. After advancing his pawns, his opponent’s knight had very few squares and eventually Achyut won material and the game.


We hope to see you again next week for another Quads.