Dr. Ostfeld Memorial Scholastic Early Winter Championships!
Posted: 1/18/2012 | Photo | Results

Dr. Ostfeld Memorial Scholastic Early Winter Championships!

Once again, and to the delight of the many children who participated in it the International Chess Academy in association with Bergen Academies in Hackensack, and not in association with the cemetery across the street, organized another successful chess tournament to commemorate Dr David Ostfeld.  Playing in five sections children from all grades, and chess rankings of life, got together to eat pizza, donuts, and fruit-by-the-foot and play chess against one another.

Section 1

In section one Oscar Petrov won first place, being the only player to score four points and four wins.  His next two closest opponents, Michael Druker, and Xavier Kolmer, drew each other in their second round encounter finishing with three and a half points each.

Twenty-eight people competed in section one.

Section 2

Kira Berman was the sole first place winner in section two, scoring four points, and taking out three top ten finishers in her section to secure first place.  Her next closest opponents, Malina Pavlova, and Sanjana Vittal scored three-and-a-half points each and tied for second, and third place respectively.

Twenty-two people competed in section two.

Section 3

Christian Lee, and Emre Alptuna split first in section three, scoring four points each.  The third place winner was Jeffrey Sun who drew his first round game with Michael Zdorovyak and won the other three.

Forty-six people competed in section three.

Section 4

Section four had an exciting finish as the outcome for first came down to the last game on board one between Sumer Maini, and Daniel Khaitov.  Maini playing out of a French defense got into a lot of difficulty as Khaitov had a material advantage, and a superior attacking position, which he simply couldn’t convert for the point.  Maini came out ahead after trades lead to an endgame and was one move shy of checkmate as Khaitov, playing to the bitter end, let his clock run rather then make the final symbolic losing move.  Maini took first with four wins, while Khaitov finished with a well fought and earned second and three wins.

Alan Stolyarov finished third with three points with his only loss coming to Sumer Maini.

Twenty-one people competed in section four.

Section 5

Sixteen other competitors couldn’t stop Taran Idnani, and Jonathan Aisoni, who both finished with three-and-a-half points to tie for first and second place.   Dilsher Maini, perhaps related to the section three winner Sumer, finished in third place with three points.

We want to thank everyone for showing up and we will see you all on January 29th 2012.